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    Meher Baba’s life story is not typical or casual, and to fairly represent it in a limited time is very challenging. There are the fundamental aspects of his life and work that have to be addressed. This can be done succinctly, but it must be done sufficiently so as not to cause misunderstanding. It would also be irresponsible to ignore or avoid any subject for fear of controversy in the public world, or in the close community of his disciples and followers. Meher Baba as usual, will have his desired effect on people, of making those interested take a deeper look at the significant issues and how these issues impact their lives. 

   Through the years, people unfamiliar with Meher Baba have asked many of the same questions, and this project has also been an attempt to answer those questions in a natural way. With the narration as the foundation, we have used photographs and film footage with as much chronological accuracy as possible. We have also chosen specific music that corresponds with different phases of his life to give the appropriate ambiance (four pieces included were written by Meher Baba during those times.) The synergetic combination of these three elements will hold the attention of most viewers. 

   Meher Baba always discouraged emotional evangelism and propaganda in his name. So why try to communicate an understanding of a person who reminded his close followers throughout the years, “God cannot be understood. You cannot understand my unfathomable depths. Just love me.”  I am convinced that the only way that anyone can ever experience Meher Baba in one’s own capacity is from within – via the heart, not through any intellectual understanding. A couplet from Baba’s favorite poet, Hafiz, translates, “Do not allow the mind to become the ruler of the palace of your heart, but only the guard at the gate.”  

    For the person who is less familiar with Meher Baba then, the aim of this film is to let the narration satisfy the queries of the mind, while the heart feels the music, and during this balancing act the intellectual mind may be disarmed, so that the individual may more clearly experience the images on the screen of God in human form. For those familiar with this inner dance of the heart and mind, this is just a continuation of that one important occupation: lovingly remembering Him.                           

Peter Nordeen


God In Human Form